Getting to know Bianca

Here are a bunch of random truths about me that might help you decide if I’m the Celebrant you’re looking for…


I’ve been a Celebrant since 2012, which was shortly after my wedding.

I’m mad about my little family and love my clients to meet Rob and Delila when they come for meetings.

My middle name isn’t Danger, although sometimes I tell people it is.

I am obsessed with Harry Potter #sorrynotsorry

My phone is never more than a few feet away from me, and due to this proximity I tend to respond to emails pretty quick, even at 11pm

I have an addiction to online shopping, which also happens at 11pm (I’m currently waiting on 70metres of craft paper to be delivered, thanks eBay!)

I often have buyers remorse the morning after. (Seriously, WTF am I going to do with 70metres of craft paper?!?!?)

I’m also addicted to Pinterest, which is sadly discovered only a few weeks before my wedding. Thankfully it will help me use that craft paper.

I have a ridiculous sense of humour, and movies like Anchorman and Stepbrothers have a direct line to my funny bone.

I’ve recently stopped killing plants, and actually started to enjoy gardening.

I’m loving the vintage, shabby chic, style of weddings at the moment.

I’m patiently waiting for a client to tell me they are doing a ceremony at night.

I’d also love to do something really alternative like smudging during a ceremony.

I have a bobble head Iron Man and a bobble head Jesus in my office.

I also have all the Twilight books, judge me because I judge myself for that one.

I’d love to do a ceremony barefoot.

Rob and I honeymooned in Cambodia, and it was rad.

I travelled to London for my previous job, I only had a week there, but I think I left some of my heart behind.

I blog from my phone, late at night, and sometimes my thumb hits the fullstop key instead.of the space. The late night thing is also my excuse for the occasional typo, because hey, I’m only human.

From Bianca,
Your Potential Celebrant



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