Taking a bit of a breather

This time three years ago I was patently waiting for my Celebrant registration to come through, thinking ‘I wonder if I’ll ever book any clients that I’m not already friends with?’

My first ever gig was when I was 6 weeks pregnant, I felt like crap, but it was totally amazing and I had my first taste of the Celebrant high I go on and on about. Not only had I found this strange random job that I loved, but it was also something that might have the potential to become my permanent job while having babies.

These past two and a half years have been so freaking awesome. And the strangest thing has happened, I’m actually TOO BUSY!

It’s so so so crazy and unbelievable that I’m at a point where I’ve had to say that I’m fully booked, the allocation is exhausted! It’s a great problem to have, but I’ve found myself having to email brides and grooms back with “unfortunately I’m booked” so I’m here to keep it real and tell you the two main reasons why I’m not taking new clients.

Firstly, I’m a mum, and while running a small business actually keeps me sane a lot of the time, if I take on much more work over these next 18 months I’ll barely see Rob and Delila on the weekend, and let’s face it, I really like them. I’m also trying to sell, buy and renovate a house, which needs a fair bit of my attention, and it falls into that personal life balance people go on and on about.

Secondly and super importantly, my clients are people who have trusted me with one of (if not the) most important aspect of their day, and they deserve my utmost attention. Getting to know my clients is really really important to me as it means I can easily be authentic and not feel like a stranger on their wedding day. Getting to know people takes time, and for this reason I typically only book one wedding per day, and usually no more than 2 weddings per week.

At the moment I’ve got enquiries/bookings for every available weekend till the end of 2016, and a few into 2017, and whilst in the middle of wedding season, for now at least, I need to shut down any further enquiries.

I’m still going to be on social media, sharing exciting stuff about my homies (brides and grooms) and hopefully blogging more about some of the amazing wedding suppliers and vendors that I have the pleasure of dealing with on a regular basis.

Thankfully I know a heap of kick ass Celebrants that can help you out, check out Celebrant.directory or partypages.com.au for some of Australia’s best Celebrants 🙂

So super sorry to disappoint you if you were mad keen on booking me, I want to book everyone, but for the reasons above, I’ve got to take a little breather.

Keeping it real
Bianca xoxox



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