Great photographers have much more than a fancy camera.

So often I hear from brides that they were disappointed with how their photography turned out. Some are utterly devastated.

I’ve seen a lot of weddings, and had one of my own, and there are important things to consider when booking a photographer…

Think beyond their costs, yes a budget is an important element of the process, but so often I see people spend $1800 on a wedding gown, and scrimp on the photography. There’s no point in having the expensive dress if there isn’t someone experienced to capture you in it. Remember that there’s the hours spent with you on your wedding day, and then in most cases there are countless hours spent by your photographer editing each photo, and making them look perfect. You’re paying for much much more than the work you actually see being done.  

The day goes by so fast, and trust me when I tell you that there will be many moments that you miss on the day, or over time struggle to remember. Having an experienced and reputable photographer will allow you to reflect back, helping memories stay fresh. 

Anyone can buy a DSLR camera, heck I have one and I’m in no way qualified to be a photographer. I’m actually mega shit at it.  I’m 100% for ameture or inexperienced photographers getting out there, and yeah, you won’t pay top dollar for them, but it’s because they are ameture and inexperienced. So don’t be surprised if they miss the exact shot you had hoped they would get.

Excellent photographers think about more than just capturing the expected shots like the first kiss, they think about lighting, colouring, a story, a reflection of who you are. They manage to capture the tiniest details, details that you’ve been up thinking about till midnight in the months leading up to your wedding. 

My favourite photographers are ones that work with clients to capture their day in the right vibe for the couple, and also ones that work with your vendors to conspire to make the day you dreamed of. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of Canberra’s most amazing photographers over the years, and the ones that stand out are ones that you barely notice during the ceremony, but still capture every moment exactly as you had hoped. 

Make sure you spend some time checking out persepctive photographers websites and social media, check that they are posting original work and that they have a good amount of activity on their pages. Read reviews and see if they have much of a following. Some ‘photographers’ post other people’s work as inspiration so make sure you know if the person you’re eyeing off is posting authentic stuff. 

Another tip is to have an engagement shoot with your photographer if they offer them. One main reason I encourage clients to do this is because having someone photograph you all day can be awkward AF! An engagement shoot helps you see how the photographer works, and allows them to know what you need to be relaxed and really helps creating a strong rapport between you and the magician behind the lens. 

When it’s all said and done, and the white gold is rubbing off your wedding band, you will be thankful that you invested in capturing the day where you wore more makeup than ever before and your husband looks better manicured than any day since. 

Here’s a tasty photo of my bae and I at our vow renewal in 2016 as captured by Ash from Silque Photography and Design. We opted to have only videography at our wedding way back in 2012, so when we decided to renew our vows I was excited to get some shots like this. 


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