My Favourite Suppliers

Below are a list of suppliers that I think are amazing, great to work with, and lots of fun.


The photographers listed below (in no particular order) are some of the most naturally gifted artists I have come across.


Jen EverArt Photography

I have known Jen for many years now and she has been taking photos of me and my little family as it has grown and gotten even more crazy (shots of Rob, Delila and I are all over her Facebook page :-P). She is exceptionally patient, friendly, hilarious and committed to getting the most beautiful shots. She also does an amazing job with families and newborns, so check her out!

Silque Photography and Design

I have worked with Ash a few times, she is fun, bubbly and FRIGGAN AMAZING at her Job. She gets the credit for my banner image (with cred going to the gorgeous Bride and Groom J&T of course!). Check out her web and Facebook pages and admire some of her work, as I do frequently, only reminding me that I am crap at photography!

Outside of Canberra

Clare Metcalf Photography

Clare captured all of our official photographs at our wedding, and she is incredible, energetic and down to earth. She has such extensive experience and really has ‘the eye’ for a shot. She is based out of Melbourne but does travel to Canberra when required. Follow her on Facebook and check out her website!

Luke Chisholm Photography

I have worked with Luke once on A&J’s wedding pictured above and I stalk his Facebook page often as he captures some of the most magnificent images. Based out of Wagga but more that happy to travel, Luke is another photographer with amazing talent.


No Limit Pictures

We made the investment to have a Dan and his team at our wedding, and it was the best decision ever (aside from getting married of course!) They specialise in both videography and photography, so all avenues are covered, and the quality of their work is unparalleled. All the guys on the No Limits team are fun, outrageous, relaxed and incredible to work with. Follow them on Facebook to stay up to date with their work. I will be sharing our wedding video in a blog post about our big day soon 🙂


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