Getting to know Bianca

Insight into Bianca

Here are a bunch of random truths about me, that may inspire you to get in touch…or close the tab.


I’ve became a Celebrant in 2012, which was shortly after my wedding.

My maiden name is Skeggs, and the homes I would draw as a kid were always in the shape of a B and an S, the centres of the B were atriums, and the entire S was a garage…. 6 year old Bianca had no idea how bloody annoying that would have been

I’m mad about my little family, which consists of my wonderful husband Rob, our 6 year old daughter Delila and our 2 year old son Hugo.

My middle name isn’t Danger, although sometimes I tell people it is.

I am obsessed with Harry Potter, and even have a HP inspired tattoo #sorrynotsorry

My phone is never more than a few feet away from me, and due to this proximity I tend to respond to emails pretty quick, even at 11pm

I have an addiction to online shopping, which also happens at 11pm, however thankfully I am much more in the less is more boat with regards to “stuff”… unless its work clothes

I am a Leo

I’m also addicted to Pinterest, and it has played an essential role in the renovation of my homes and the planning of my travels.

I have a ridiculous sense of humour, and movies like Anchorman and Stepbrothers have a direct line to my funny bone.

I’m pretty straight to the point, life it too short to bullshit.

I love being in the garden and getting my hands dirty with the kids, and am hoping to set up a lot of herb, vegetable, play and potion spaces in the backyard.

I live in the house my Grandparents built in 1970, and spoke about my love for it and Fisher in this article with Her Canberra…

Fall in love with Fisher

I’m a bit alternative, and loved doing barefoot wedding ceremonies and the odd smudge here and there.

Rob and I honeymooned in Cambodia, and it was rad.

I travelled to the UK in 2012, and have returned twice since, because every time I go I leave some of my heart behind.

I blog from my phone, late at night, and sometimes my thumb hits the fullstop key instead.of the space. The late night thing is also my excuse for the occasional typo, because hey, I’m only human.