Why would I Pop-Up?


So I should be folding washing as the couch in my bedroom seems as if it’s suffocating under the epic pile of clothes that have lived there for a few days (maybe more like a week) but instead, like usual, my mind is on weddings.

Late last year I came across Josh Withers’ Facebook page, he is a super prominent Celebrant and I instantly wanted to learn from him. Within the same half hour I found the Popupwed.co site. The Pop-Up Wedding is the brain child of Josh’s fabulous wife Britt. I read all about it and thought, “this belongs in Canberra.”

I approached Ash from Silque Photography and Design, who I’ve worked with before and always admired her photographic eye, to see if she would be keen to do a Pop-up in Canberra, like me she was all over the idea, so the next step was chatting with Britt.

What happened over the next few days felt like one of those explosion montages you see in brainwashing movies. What you got were four profoundly passionate wedding professionals, with the same sense of humour, the same work ethic, and the same drive to bring this amazing concept to the nation’s capital. And with that, Pop-Up Canberra started.

Since launching I’ve been asked a heap of questions from Canberrans about what the heck is this Pop-Up thing? And I’m going to send you straight to the source for all the info ( http://popupwed.co) . But in its essence it is a fancy elopement. The ACT and Tasmania are the only two states (slash territories) that do not have any form of registry marriage set up, and for us the closest registry wedding is in Sydney, and that will set you back $507 for a weekend wedding. Which is in a nicely set up back room… With no pretties, and for me, there has to be some form of pretty something on one of the most significant days of your life.

So Pop-Up handles the pretty. We tirelessly sourced incredible local vendors like Style My Aisle and Moxom and Whitney, we booked our first venue at the stunning Poachers Pantry, I hook up couples with all the legal whizzbangary, and Ash takes incredible images of the Bride and Groom for them to keep forever and ever. Each couple gets an hour, up to 20 guests, and a no fuss, exceptionally beautiful wedding.

Would I Pop-Up?

Yes, 100%.

I got married in 2012, at the ripe age of 24, at a stunning ceremony and reception in the southern highlands, before I was a celebrant, and before I had any idea what a wedding would or should involve. We had 109 of our nearest and dearest, we had a freakin’ amazing and beautiful traditional-ish wedding (ish because our vows were a bit offbeat and each guest was served butterbeer at the reception).
Now, in hindsight, I’d do it a little differently.

I’m completely enamoured with the idea of having a ceremony that only Rob and I and two witnesses were there for, because my memory of my wedding ceremony was only that. All I remember is Rob. Each day of our marriage, at the end of the day, Rob is the only one there (aside from Delila who is usually spread out in the middle of our bed.) One day we will grow old together, and it will just be him and I.

While having our family there was an important element of the day, most of the extended family would have loved and appreciated however we chose to get married. They never asked for the amazing chefs hat meal and the best drinks package, they only want Rob and I to be happy, and in love forever.

The cost of a wedding can be huge, and totally worth it if it’s all you have ever dreamed of, but had we done it smaller, we would have a deck now and not a large weed filled space out our back door.

My rings, my ceremony, my photos and my video are my precious keepsakes of the day. The gifts, the party and the hangover will be remembered by all who were there, but realistically no one would have been mad had we skipped all that.

With any wedding it’s crucial to remember why you are there, it’s not for your great Aunt Milly to finally see someone walk down the aisle in the family heirloom wedding gown, it’s for you, and your almost husband, to promise that no matter what you will be there at the end of the day together. When the party is over and the toilet lid is left open once again, you will still love each other, hold hands and grow old together.

If a fancy elopement sounds right up your alley (heck let’s do it in an alley (as in get married not whatever else you’re thinking of)) check out the http://popupwed.co/canberra site for more details.