Jen and Tom – April 2014


I officiated Jen and Tom’s Ceremony in April 2014 and it was one of the most romantic and intimate ceremonies I have done. It was a surprise ceremony for their entire family and I felt so special to be one of the lucky few to be in on the big plan. Jen and Tom wrote their own vows and they were the most beautiful and heartfelt words. I cried a little during this ceremony, as did everyone present!

After realising how quickly wedding
planning can turn into a financial and emotional nightmare, Tom and I had made the decision to chuck in the towel on our original ‘big wedding’ plans and arrange a surprise wedding for our family and friends under the guise of a ‘farewell eloping party’ (we had told everyone we were eloping in Fiji) at our home.  The most important part of our plans was to find a celebrant who not only could pull off a surprise wedding, but who would also be super excited about the plans and genuinely want to be a part of it.  We scoured the internet and found many local celebrants who seemed to put way too much emphasis on the traditions of marriage, and we’d all but lost hope of finding that special someone who would fulfil our expectations. Then we came across Bianca’s facebook page, and arranged a time to meet with her. Within the first few minutes of meeting Bianca, both Tom and I were completely at ease in telling her all of our plans that we’d come up with so far. Bianca was extremely friendly and seemed genuinely excited about the thought of officiating our surprise wedding. We quickly locked Bianca in, and she went far and above our expectations both in the lead up to, and on the day of our wedding. We even had Bianca pose as an assistant to our professional photographer to keep our guests in the dark as to what was to unfold that day, which she pulled off so convincingly, fielding questions from a couple of guests about how to take a better photo with their cameras with ease!

The magic hour arrived, and Bianca was even there to calm the last minute nerves of Tom who was struggling with his shirt cuff buttons a few minutes before the big plans were to be unveiled.  Weddings are emotional as it is, but when nobody sees it coming the emotions are so much more raw and heartfelt, the cheering was phenomenal!  Bianca ran the ceremony so smoothly and efficiently, it was like it was only the three of us standing there and we both felt so completely at ease with her leading us through our beautiful ceremony that she had helped us develop some weeks beforehand.  We cannot imagine the day without Bianca having been a part of it, and we are still so incredibly grateful for everything she did for us to make our lives easier in arranging our big day.  Do not hesitate to contact Bianca if you are on the hunt for a celebrant for your own ceremony, you will not regret it!!

Jen and Tom

Rhianna and Matty, December 2013


Matty and I are fairly easy going people, but we feel strongly about the importance of family. We wanted a meaningful wedding but one that was simple and relaxed. I searched for celebrants in Canberra and came across Bianca’s Facebook page, her personality showed through and she was so friendly and natural.
Chatting to Bianca was easy and we quickly worked out our perfect ceremony, short, simple and beautiful, with a ring warming ceremony to include our kids. Our day was relaxed, easy, fun while also staying meaningful and elegant, we couldn’t have done it without Bianca.



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